HipHopDrop & CrackBeats Updated To v4.0

JakedUpWe’ll keep this short and sweet — the release speaks for itself! HipHopDrop and CrackBeats have been updated on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and BlackBerry World to version 4.0. This release is a major overhaul, and complete re-write of both apps from the ground-up, with a strong focus on the Google Holo user interface design principles introduced in Android 4.0. Many areas of the app framework have been massively tweaked and re-designed, including:

  • ENHANCEMENT: Complete re-write of app.
  • VISUAL: All new icons/graphics.
  • VISUAL: Holo-inspired user interface.
  • OTHER: Greatly improved usability.
  • NEW: Sliding left menu w/ smart filters.
  • NEW: Intuitive action menu bar.
  • NEW: Built-in streaming media player.
  • NEW: Songs are downloaded as MP3’s.
  • NEW: Built-in internal web browser.
  • VISUAL: Re-designed homescreen widget.
  • VISUAL: New tablet/Google TV interface.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Major speed enhancements.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Lower power consumption.
  • OTHER: Tons of bug fixes/clean-up.

WARNING! Since this update is a complete re-write, it is essentially an entirely different app. Therefore, you will lose all of your starred tracks, pinned tracks, and app settings upon update. You will essentially be starting off with a clean, fresh install. Apologies for this — but we had to do this to minimize issues that may have occurred during the update process. Trust us, it’s totally worth it! However, if you accidentally upgraded and wish to downgrade to a previous version, please e-mail us at

On the other hand, if you are stoked about the new update and are ready to explore all the new features, visit your local app market and grab the update immediately!

…Alternatively, if you own either app through other means, then you can download and install your copy of the app via the JakedUp App Downloader tool.

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