AppDrawer Is Now Open Source!

JakedUpAppDrawer is now open source! The new, completely re-done version is close to being complete, but needs some finishing bug fixes before it’s ready for prime-time, so we are asking the Android developer community to pitch in and make AppDrawer the best it possibly can be! Changelog since v1.5.1:


  • Folders
  • Drag and drop for common actions and folder interaction
  • Filter apps pressing search button
  • Ability to act as a launcher
  • Save more than one backup


  • Faster app loading
  • Settings screen rearranged
  • Improved icons resolution
  • Scrolling
  • Open application from hidden apps screen
  • Able to show hidden apps from options menu, too.
  • Excluded AppDrawer from recent apps
  • Better looking for list and home button
  • Check for updates at startup


  • When app list changes, does not scroll to top
  • No more duplicated apps
  • Fixed FC when selecting all apps on grid style or horizontal paged style.
  • Bug when restoring edited app and trying to edit again
  • Sorting by installation date now is installation date, not last app update.
  • Sorting, now ignores accents and other marks.
  • Wallpaper BG transparency was wrong, 0 is now opaque, like custom image as BG.

Checkout at GitHub and start committing changes! AppDrawer on GitHub. The only thing we ask is not to release AppDrawer as another app on Google Play. Any updates should be made through the official channel. That is all… enjoy!


7 thoughts on “AppDrawer Is Now Open Source!”

  1. Hi,

    Great App, I have one suggestion which is the colour picker for Fonts, would it be possible to bring this in line wioth android standard 8 character Hex picker? With the ability to type in the Hex code for a colour instead of only picking from the colour pallette?


  2. Dear JakedUp,

    Please first of all accept my compliments for this wonderful, yet perfectly purpose-driven app. I’ve been trying several launchers and were quite disappointed, as I was mostly happy with my Sense 5 UI… with one exception: a drawer in listed format. Preferably with customizable font size and font face. AppDrawer is just what I’ve been looking for.

    But I also wanted to contribute with my feedback to the developments of this app. There were some things that could make this app even a bit better. These are the things that I’m missing from its current version:
    – Free reordering of apps
    – Hiding apps

    And there’s one other feature that I very much like in HTC’s UI: the location of the menu button. I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that HTC did cut the number of dedicated buttons in Sense 5, leaving the menu button out of the basics. Thus I can see a menu button in the bottom of this app, that’s always using up some space.

    In most Sense 5 native applications the solution is as follows: if you scroll up fast, and let the screen stop by itself when it touches the top, then it really stops at the top. However if you pull the content a bit further down, the settings / menu button shows up. I think that this is a very sensible solution to have the menu button hidden, but still available at hand when needed. I know it’s a convenience feature that might not be wanted by more than a small portion of users, but I’d be very glad to see it in a future release.

    Thanks much,

  3. Hi,
    this seems to be a nice app for Huawei Emotion-UI phones – I hate their lack of an app drawer :-)
    But what does the app need internet access for?
    Klaus from
    PS: I’ll probably feature your app in one of my next phone reviews, like the Huawei Ascend G700.

  4. Suggestions for improvement:
    – transparent / semi-transparent background
    – set icon size / font globally for all styles
    – setting for not overlapping the dock bar
    – settings / quick sort buttons on top of the list
    – import / automatically take over icon size / font from default setting in MIUI

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