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AppDrawer Is Now Open Source!

JakedUpAppDrawer is now open source! The new, completely re-done version is close to being complete, but needs some finishing bug fixes before it’s ready for prime-time, so we are asking the Android developer community to pitch in and make AppDrawer the best it possibly can be! Changelog since v1.5.1:


  • Folders
  • Drag and drop for common actions and folder interaction
  • Filter apps pressing search button
  • Ability to act as a launcher
  • Save more than one backup


  • Faster app loading
  • Settings screen rearranged
  • Improved icons resolution
  • Scrolling
  • Open application from hidden apps screen
  • Able to show hidden apps from options menu, too.
  • Excluded AppDrawer from recent apps
  • Better looking for list and home button
  • Check for updates at startup


  • When app list changes, does not scroll to top
  • No more duplicated apps
  • Fixed FC when selecting all apps on grid style or horizontal paged style.
  • Bug when restoring edited app and trying to edit again
  • Sorting by installation date now is installation date, not last app update.
  • Sorting, now ignores accents and other marks.
  • Wallpaper BG transparency was wrong, 0 is now opaque, like custom image as BG.

Checkout at GitHub and start committing changes! AppDrawer on GitHub. The only thing we ask is not to release AppDrawer as another app on Google Play. Any updates should be made through the official channel. That is all… enjoy!


Introducing AppDrawer

AppDrawerA new app from JakedUp! AppDrawer is a highly customizable app drawer replacement. You can use it as an alternative to your launcher’s default app drawer, or to add functionality to launchers that don’t currently support the app drawer (like MIUI for example).

You can use with pretty much any launcher, including: your phone’s default launcher, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, LauncherPro, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Launcher 7, MIUI Launcher, and more!

There are similar offerings out there, such as Faster Drawer — or Organized Drawer — or even Folder Organizer, but nothing comes close to offering the level of personalization that AppDrawer provides. With AppDrawer, you can literally flesh out hundreds of unique designs and layouts using all the different options to your disposal. Some of those options include…


  • Choose between 3 view modes: List, Grid, or Horizontal Paged
  • — List = WP7/Windows Phone 7 | Grid = Android | Paged = iPhone
  • Set number of rows and columns as well as row spacing
  • Set background color, image, or use your current wallpaper
  • Set the font type, font color, font size, and icon size
  • — Fonts = Arial Rounded, Droid Serif, Helvetica, or custom
  • Sort list by name (A-Z), install date, or launch frequency
  • Remember list position: Remembers last position in drawer
  • Edit application names and change default application icons
  • Hide less frequently used applications from the app list
  • Bulk edit (multi-select) more than one application at a time
  • Fullscreen mode option: Hides the notification/status bar
  • Option to force Portrait or Landscape screen orientation
  • Shows up in recent apps/multitasking menu for quick access
  • — 2.1/2.2/2.3: Hold home key | 4.0: Press multi-task button
  • Quick shortcut to Android’s Manage Applications settings menu
  • Option to backup and restore preferences, or reset to default
  • Eclair | Froyo | GB/Gingerbread | ICS/Ice Cream Sandwich

And possibly the best feature of AppDrawer is that it is absolutely FREE! Go ahead and cop it from the Google Play Store…

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