HipHopDrop – Update [2/18/2012]

HipHopDropHipHopDrop┬áhas been silently updated on the back-end to v2.0-Rev2. This is only a notification! — Since this is a server-related update, you do not need to update the app in the Android Market.

[∗] ENHANCEMENT: The Facebook share button now posts a streaming music player on your wall instead of a generic URL for the selected track.
[∗] BUG: Possible fix for issue where some new songs were incorrectly timestamped, and therefore would end up at the bottom of the tracklist.
[∗] BUG: Fixed a bug where song titles containing #hashtags that were shared via the Twitter share button would prematureley get cut off.
[∗] BUG: Fixed some bugs where artists and song titles were incorrectly formatted when shared via the Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
[∗] ENHANCEMENT: Optimized the file sizes of remotely accessed images to help reduce mobile data usage and server bandwidth.

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