HipHopDrop – Update [3/16/2012]

HipHopDropHipHopDrop has been updated on Google Play (formerly Android Market) to v3.0. Due to a server change, the old version of the app will stop working after tonight. Please update immediately if you haven’t already done so!

[∗] ENHANCEMENT: HipHopDrop now fetches 300 songs initially. Previously only returned 100.
[∗] FIX: Fixed bug where new tracks were incorrectly timestamped, which broke sorting by date.
[∗] ENHANCEMENT: Updates are faster. Downloads are snappier. Streaming is nearly instant.
[∗] ENHANCEMENT: Streams and downloads now display the correct track info, instead of “audio”.
[∗] ENHANCEMENT: New rating system: Header banners now display whether track is HOT or FIRE.
[∗] ENHANCEMENT: Optimized back-end server to be more conservative on bandwidth and data.
[∗] ENHANCEMENT: Added support for extra-large screens and ROMS with resizable screens.
[∗] FIX: Fixed bug where the podcast player would not refresh the “now playing” track title.
[∗] FIX: Fixed minor issues with Facebook and Twitter share buttons sometimes not working.
[∗] OTHER: Updated application icon to a square shape. Ditched the ugly iPhone-ish look!
[∗] OTHER: Many other improvements, enhancements, and fixes that I forgot to mention here.

The update should be available to you in the “App Updates” tab on the Play Store. If you haven’t purchased the app yet, search for “HipHopDrop”, or navigate to

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