HipHopDrop Launch Promotion!

HipHopDropHipHopDrop is your one-stop app for streaming and downloading all the latest Hip-Hip and R&B music leaks from across the net. To celebrate the launch of HipHopDrop on the Android Market, JakedUp is going to give the PAID version of the app away for FREE to the first 50 users who complete 4 simple steps…

1. First, buy the app. You can find it by searching for “HipHopDrop” on the Android Market, or navigating to — Those who have already purchased the app can obviously just skip this step altogether.

2. Use the app! Play around with it… stream some music… download some tracks… share favorite tracks with friends. After you get a good feel for the app, RATE IT and REVIEW IT on the Android Market. Describe your favorite features… tell us what we can do to improve… be honest.

3. Share the app. Share a link to the app (found in step 1) on Twitter and tell the world how much you love HipHopDrop! Your Twitter profile MUST BE public and you MUST HAVE more than 50 followers. Private tweets will not be accepted. Oh, and follow @HipHopDrop and @UpJaked while you’re at it!

4. That’s it! Well, almost… After you complete the steps, you must provide proof that you actually did them. So fire up an e-mail to our support team,, and provide them with:

  • Your Gmail address used to buy the app in Step 1.
  • A copy of your review on the Android Market from Step 2.
  • A link to your tweet supporting HipHopDrop from Step 3.
  • Your PayPal e-mail address to receive your $.99 credit.

We understand that not all users will have a PayPal account, but unfortunately due to limitations in the Android Market, refunds cannot be given via Google Checkout. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one free at

Refunds will be given out after 50 unique users complete all the required steps. Enjoy!

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