JakedUp Apps Now In More Markets

JakedUpLast week we mentioned that we would release HipHopDrop and CrackBeats to both the Amazon AppStore and the BlackBerry AppWorld. Well, that day is finally upon us… Amazon and RIM have approved our releases and they are now live in both markets! These new markets will open the door for JakedUp apps to be used on many more devices, such as the Kindle Fire and the BlackBerry PlayBook, and of course, any other Android device that doesn’t ship with Google Play. We would like to note that we are still oferring the 50% off promo for the AD-FREE/DONATE versions on Google Play thru 8/22, and are extending that promo for the AD-FREE/DONATE versions found in the Amazon AppStore thru 8/26. And… we are also offering the AD-SUPPORTED versions of both apps for FREE on the BlackBerry AppWorld.

Again, the latest versions of HipHopDrop and CrackBeats are our best releases yet, with many usability and visual enhancements, increased offline tracklist storage limits, and improved back-end server performance when syncing, streaming, and downloading. If you already own the apps, but haven’t updated, please update immediately! — Due to the new server changes, all previous versions of the apps will stop working after 8/22. And if you have bought one app and not the other, but were planning on it, now is the perfect time to take the plunge — Since our announcement last week, we have seen a *MAJOR* rise in new users… over 3,500+ downloads in less than 10 days!

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