Updates, Updates, And More Updates

JakedUpHipHopDrop and CrackBeats have been updated on both Google Play and BlackBerry AppWorld to versions 3.4 and 2.4 respectively. This release includes many usability and visual enhancements, bringing both apps closer to the new Holo user interface design guidelines introduced in Android 4.0. Additionally, we have also increased the offline tracklist storage limit, and updated our back-end server for increased speed and performance when downloading and syncing. Due to this server change, all previous versions of the apps will stop working after 2 weeks. Please update immediately if you haven’t already done so!

To us, this release is our biggest milestone yet, and lays the groundwork for an even bigger redesign that we are in the process of developing. On top of that, we are also proud to announce that to this date, both HipHopDrop and CrackBeats have a combined total of 10,500+ active users, and all JakedUp apps have accumulated over 26,500+ downloads. Much love to everyone who have supported us, and continue to support us all the way to the top!

So, to celebrate these major milestones, we are bringing back the 50% off promotion for HipHopDrop and CrackBeats for two weeks (thru 8/22)! We would greatly appreciate it if everyone gets the word out so that others may join in on this excellent offer! Don’t sleep on this, because after 8/22, both apps will return to the regular price of $1.98.

Lastly… more milestones! — First, we are excited to announce that CrackBeats will also be offered on BlackBerry AppWorld alongside sister-app HipHopDrop… Over that past months, HipHopDrop has gained much momentum in that market, and we hope that CrackBeats will follow in it’s success. And finally, we are even more thrilled to announce that both apps will also be offered in the Amazon AppStore so that non-“Google Experience” devices such as the Kindle Fire can also enjoy everything that these apps have to offer.


  • VISUAL: All new icons/graphics throughout.
  • OTHER: Greatly improved overall usability.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Server updated for better speed.
  • VISUAL: Light theme is now the default theme.
  • OTHER: Removed unneccessary toolbar/menu items.
  • OTHER: Removed unneccessary settings items.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Can now store up to 2000 tracks.
  • ENHANCEMENT: CrackBeats’ sync limit raised.
  • OTHER: Miscellaneous bug fixes/improvements.

The update should be available to you in the “App Updates” tab on the Play Store. If you haven’t purchased the app yet, search for “HipHopDrop” or “CrackBeats”, or navigate to one of the links below…

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